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The Nigerian Workforce Strategy and Enligthement center

You are welcome to our website, it is prepared to acquaint you with the philosophy, activities, vision and mission of NIWOSEC as well as to answer vital questions in respect of progressive development of the nation even as the interest of every worker remains intact or pleasantly addressed. It is generally agreed that there is no permanent friend in politics but permanent interest. Interest, in whatever form, is a common denominator in every relationship, either business, politics, religion, community or work environment. Interest is a facilitator of development, or lack of it. Peace and progress and even war are engender by interest. Interest is like the adrenalin that runs through the human body system. The core problem of Nigeria is the fact that as a nation, citizens' personal pursuits and corporate goals of organisations do not align with national interest. The Nigerian Workforce Strategy and Enlightenment Centre (NIWOSEC) has mandated itself to do programmes and projects that will align Nigerian workers' interests with the national interest, which is expected to have positive impact on the nation as it craves for national unity and development.

The worrisome situation of the nation, economically, politically or otherwise, which impairs the working environment, is a direct reaction to lack of national interest or absence of governance structure that sincerely caters for the interest of its workforce. NIWOSEC shall be at alert anytime, anyday, anywere to strategically position Nigeria workers for the great task of making the job worthwhile and dignifying. Whatever area you choose to exist or work, either as government employees, private employees, self-employed, artisans or market operators. It is the belief of NIWOSEC that we can all work together to make Nigeria great.

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Employees and Volunteers play an important part in ensuring NIWOSEC remains respected and credible. This code sets out the standards of practice we expect of employees and volunteers in terms of professional competence, integrity, acting as a representative and in safeguarding, which support our vision, mission and values. NIWOSEC's behavioural competency frameworks for employees and volunteers also form part of this code of conduct. There are also circumstances under which potential conflicts of interest may cause the decisions or actions of an employee or volunteer to be vulnerable to claims of bias. This policy sets out guidelines to help avoid unjustified allegations by identifying those circumstances which employees and volunteers must declare. Failure to comply with the code of conduct or policy on conflicts of interest will result in action under NIWOSEC's disciplinary policy for employees or a volunteer status review. This policy applies to NIWOSEC employees and volunteers. In this policy the word “employee” includes temporary or other contract or agency workers. NIWOSEC acknowledges that employees or volunteers may be required to agree to programme specific codes of conduct and will be held accountable for compliance. Any additional codes of conduct which require agreement will not be in conflict with this policy.