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Aim of the Summit

The Nigerian Worker's Summit

The Nigerian Workers’ Summit brings together the best of minds from the Nigerian workforce, drawn from both the public and private sectors to connect, network, and chart a better course for the nation through their contributions.
NWS provides an avenue for reflection and projection. While we reflect where we are vis what is globally obtainable as standard, we also project our course from where we are to where we ought to be.
And a veritable avenue for dialogue amongst worker, and a platform to make significant contributions to the ongoing discourse about work place realities and advancements in Nigeria.
Participants at the 2022 Nigerian Workers’ Summit will leave with an experience that places them on the cutting edge, a resolve to grow their careers for optimum contribution; participants will acquire the local relevance, and global competitive to harness the opportunities of the 21st century knowledge economy.

NWS Features

Plenary Sessions:

Learn from the masters of the game and our line up of reputable speakers as they provide perspective on the theme.

The Productivity Medal and Award Night

An award night to specially recognize the drivers of the Nigerian workforce machinery both corporate and individual.

Panel Sessions:

Focused considerations, and in-depth analysis of key thematic points by our select panellists.

Mixers and Networking Sessions

Meet participants from across diverse fields, from all states of the federation to network and cross-fertilize ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. Designed to help participants grow their contacts and expand their network.

Specialized Sessions:

Syndicated sessions tailored to specific sectors and industries. Participants gets to sit in session with their colleagues and contemporaries from across the nation to discus key and cogent industry related issues.