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Why I Should volunteer

The youth as the major tool in volunteering

The world is occupied by more than 1.2 billion young people (15-24) as defined by the United Nations. Young people are agents of social change and can provide time, energy, creative ideas and are determined to drive innovations and reform. The youth is therefore the major target at achieving our goals.

Why Involve volunteers

By definition, volunteering is an activity that involves spending time, without expecting reward; doing something that aims to benefit the environment or individuals or groups. It is fundamental to democracy, since it involves the commitment of time and energy, which is borne out of the love to developing the society and community. People volunteers for different reasons; to develop skills, gain experience, to socialize, to impart the society as well as supporting a cause.

Volunteers uses to NIWOSEC

Research and capacity development: Volunteers can be involved in carrying out researches, especially in rural areas. They carry out researches (since they are mostly community dwellers), gather information and then feed us back for further analysis and conclusions. Program and Project Development:Our volunteers can, with their knowledge, skills and experience in their placements, think out and develop programs and projects. Some can be engaged as volunteer to work with other paid staffs at the headquarters and offices.



Volunteers Give us

  • Time, Energy, Commitment, Enthusiasm,
  • Knowledge and skills,
  • Experience and friendship.

NIWOSEC gives Volunteers

  • Orientation and Training, Tasks and Schedule,
  • Supervision, Support, Resources,
  • Motivation, and Recognition.

Volunteers Receive:

  • Knowledge, Experiences, New skills,
  • Friendship and Satisfaction.

NIWOSEC Receives:

  • Knowledge and skills, support in achieving goals,
  • Supervision, Support, Resources,
  • Increased Public Awareness, Representation, and Network Contacts.
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