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TNWG is the membership arm of THE NIGERIAN WORKFORCE STRATEGY AND ENLIGHTENMENT CENTRE [NIWOSEC] which seeks to bring together Nigerian workers into a big network as partners in progress. It is to help them have a voice loud enough to be heard on behalf of one another and have a arm strong enough to help the weak members of the group, look out for each other's interests and protect the collective interest of all. It is a service group for the entire Nigerian workers, both in the formal and informal sectors, providing services as to meet social needs, technical needs, mediating needs, legal needs as well as welfare needs.

It harnesses all Nigerian workers potential without trade bias but under an umbrella for the purpose of promoting dignity of labour and positive work attitude. TNWG is duly registered and recognized by the government to carry out its operations.

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  • You MUST be a Nigerian!
  • You MUST be a paid worker either as state or federal employee, private sectors employee, SMEs, Informal sector employee, temporary or termed contract staff, etc.
  • Note: All benefits from the programs and platforms that TNWG affords are open to every worker who has signed up as members

Anyone who is a worker in Nigeria irrespective of sector or industry, level and status is welcome to be a part of TNWG.

To apply for membership, simply fill the membership form and submit appriopriately.

Forms can be filled online at membership form or by picking up a hard copy form for FREE at any of our state and local offices.

After filling the form you are to make a payment of N1,000 [one thousand naira only] to TNWG account [contact officials for account details]. This payment is your annual membership fee.

Thereafter your membership file will be processed and you will receive a membership code.

With your membership code, you can access and enjoy all services provided by TNWG for the period of the membership year.

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