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Fix Nigeria

Who We Are

BY The Nigerian Workforce Strategy and Enligthement center(NIWOSEC)

Nigeria has experienced ups and downs in the past 60 years. It is true that the country has challenges and it looks as if 60 years is not worth celebrating. However, we cannot but be grateful that Nigeria is still intact in spite of its challenges. Even when it appears as if there are on ways out, we still thrive and overcome not because we do things so well or we are always prepared, but most times it is inexplicable. Nigeria at 60, is a long way!.

However, as desirous as freedom is, it comes with great price of responsibility. As we celebrate, we would not neglect the state of affairs, and the bleeding sores. This is the time for us to look back and measure for ourselves how well we have done. We need to understand that this is not the age to point fingers pass the buck. This is the time to stand up to responsibilities.



We need to desist from holding politicians responsible for our dilemma; faulting poor state of medical facilities and infrastructure; blaming our security personnel for incompetence; unemployment and corruption, inter-tribal and inter-religious tackle etc.

It is time to wake up and embrace the fact that we are responsible for Nigeria is no longer an assignment of a set of people but for all. We must focus more on tackling the challenges in Nigeria which will require the participation of all and sundry (young and old, professional and artisans, male and female, military and civilians, workers and students, religions groups, ethnic groups). Our hand must be on deck to help Nigeria in our endeavours/workplaces in resolving the daunting challenges. The task of developing Nigerian is a task by all, through all and for all.


To ignite the spirit of true and practical patriotic Nigerians through working activities

To see a virile socio-economic Nigeria built through collective efforts of Nigerians (Nigerians for Nigeria)

The overarching objective of Fix Nigeria is to promote the development of home-grown solutions to Nigeria.

  • Economic,
  • Social,
  • Political and
  • Technological challenges.

Expected result

  • Awakening the sprite of nationhood
  • Ignited spirit of true patriotism and oneness
  • Orientated workforce that see themselves as stakeholders workplaces
  • Creative young minds that would be willing to develop Nigerian
  • Nigerians who are responsible for Nigerian

These are proposed strategies to tackle identifies challenges

  • Social challenges

    • Respect for law and order amongst citizens
    • Value for time and resources
    • Discourage corruption, crime and internet abuses.
  • Economic Challenges

    • Promote, patronize indigenous products
    • Value adding and preservation
    • Kits of skills
    • Value of value
  • Technological Challenges

    • Localize our technology and engineering solutions in road construction, street light, gutter, repairs, drainage construction etc.
    • Use ingenious artisans and engineers
  • Political Challenges

    • Using our Royal Father in governance
    • Discouraging use of thus and political sycophants
    • Rejuvenating our local government system
    • Training and retraining of leadership of all strata